Creating new value centred on customers

With our extensive experience and expertise in the following industries, we continuously offer industry-specific value propositions to enable your organisation to harness the power of customer capital for business growth.

Food & Beverage

Cuscapi’s integrated Food & Beverage solutions are designed to empower business operators with relevant insights to build satisfaction and loyalty among patrons.

Software Solutions

Our solutions are tailored to help our customer to build and drive business towards greater success.

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Point-Of-Sales Solutions

Cuscapi’s Point-Of-Sales Solutions is integrated with restaurant technology solutions which include Kitchen Display System, reliable restaurant hardware as a complete solution.


About Cuscapi

Cuscapi Berhad is Asia’s leading Food & Beverage business management solution provider, offering a comprehensive range of integrated solutions for the industry. The company also offers business management solutions, information technology security solutions, consulting services and contact centre outsourcing services for businesses across various industries, including retail, hospitality, automotive, telecommunications, financial and public services.

What People Say about us

Transight reduce a lot of errors, especially in the financial aspects of a more precise.
Mr Willis Chee Y
CEO of Yoshinoya
The system helped us overcome our roadblocks in providing professional warranty management, and its customisable functions allowed us to tailor the solutions specifically to our requirements.
Ajeet Singh
CEO of Cycle & Carriage
I have been using Transight by Cuscapi for a couple of years, we have found that Transight to be very mature with a complete suite of products
Suresh Chacko
Head of IT of Coribou Coffee