Our Automotive Innovations


The Generic Platform for Active Collaboration and Exchange (GENPACX) module is a full-fledged business management solution for the automotive industry. This platform supports active collaboration and exchange of information between an organization and its business partners through a single integrated system.

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Achieving Customer Fulfilment

The automotive players recognize the need to differentiate themselves to stay ahead of the curve. Customers are becoming more well-informed raising their bar of expectation in terms of service. Our solutions are aimed to create new value through the mining of your customer capital to achieve customer fulfillment.

Empowering business operators with customer knowledge also provides them with the right customer insight. Based on this, we can transform your customers into invaluable resources to spearhead your business towards growth and success.

Management of Dealers

Our solution allows integration of business processes which lead to increased operation efficiency and improved customer service.

  •  Boost Revenue – Through improved business process, an outlet is positioned to provide value-added services and real-time sharing of information thus enabling market differentiation from its competitors.
  •  Increased Operational Efficiency – Through automation and consolidation of data, resources can be rationalised to achieve operational excellence and higher performance to deliver superior customer services.
  •  Improved Customer Satisfaction – Through utilization of an integrated, seamless and secured infrastructure, customers’ experience can be intensified as outlet service personnel are better equipped to serve them.

Management of Dealers & Suppliers

To achieve continuous growth, an automotive player needs to successfully manage a network of dealers, external partners as well as its customers. In this regard, our solution targets the following four areas to achieve the required results.

  •  Enhanced operational efficiency – Through automation and consolidation of network, resources can be rationalised to achieve operational excellence and differentiation when managing a network of business associates.
  •  Increased distribution effectiveness – Through automation, key variables such as delivery time, manpower usage and others can be minimized resulting in better distribution of inventory and stock management.
  •  Higher cost efficiency – Through consolidation of IT infrastructure, communication channels between an organization and its network of business partners are streamlined resulting in significant cost reductions while providing a flexible platform for future expansion.
  •  Increased focus on core activities – Through our undertaking of application maintenance and other support services, an organization is well positioned to focus on its core activities.