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Building customer connectivity

Customer engagement is paramount to the growth of any F &B businesses other than food quality.  Hence, F&B operators need to place greater emphasis on establishing relationship with patrons to create a positive dining experience to encourage expansion in their business.

Our integrated F&B solutions are designed to empower business operators with relevant insights to build satisfaction and loyalty among patrons. With this relevant information, F&B operators are able to create a consistent dining experience for patrons which would translate into enhanced customer connectivity.

To sum it up, we are able to transform your customers into valuable assets to spearhead your business towards growth and success.

Management of Outlets

In a fast-paced F&B environment, excellent service is essential to create a positive customer experience. Through an integrated, seamless and secured system, we are able to help F&B operators manage their outlets more effectively.

Our solutions can be customized to meet specific business needs to achieve the following results:-

  • Enhanced operational efficiency – through automation, resources can be rationalized to achieve higher performance to boost revenue.
  • Better customer service – through utilisation of an integrated system, customers’ satisfaction can be intensified as outlet service personnel are better equipped to serve patrons.
  • Higher cost effectiveness – through an integrated approach, material wastage and excess areas can be managed effectively with significant reduction in operational costs.

Management of Multiple Outlets

In a franchise environment, it becomes even more difficult to maintain management across multiple platforms. Our team are capable of developing innovative technology solutions to help business operators manage their F&B outlets, from a small single outlet setup to multi-outlet businesses effectively.

  • Improved profitability through consolidation of functions, shortages and excesses can be managed effectively over several outlets resulting in operational efficiency and increased profit.
  • Increased distribution effectiveness – through automation, logistic distribution is enhanced by minimising key variables such as delivery time, cost and manpower usage.

Management of Outlets across Borders

Our expertise also lies in implementing a strategic management model that drives performance through a systematic approach. This model enables outlets across a large geographical area to adhere to a certain standard of customer experience.

The outcome would be better management and hence higher performance in these areas.

  • Continuous business growth – through our advice and counsel, an overall strategic direction can be established with growth opportunities identified for continuous revenue generation.
  • Enhanced organisational productivity – through implementation of our management model, critical business processes are identified to optimize operations which lead to improved supply chain management, increased performance and ultimately customer satisfaction. Thus, the increase in productivity will help foster sustainable growth.
  • Better management and cost control – through a centralized databank of information, better analysis and control will help unify the overall business functions to ease decision making as well effective cost control. The integrated system allows meaningful study from effective pricing to supplier management.