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The Generic Platform

The Generic Platform for Active Collaboration and Exchange (GENPACX) module is a full-fledged business management solution for the automotive industry. This platform supports active collaboration and exchange of information between an organization and its business partners through a single integrated system.

GENPACX consolidates, rationalizes and automates the network of business contacts for improved operational excellence and cost efficiency. It helps organizations in meeting and fulfilling customer expectations by providing them with the tools to anticipate and cater to customer needs at varying stages of service and points of interaction.

GENPACX Sales & Distribution Management Module

The Sales & Distribution segment manages vehicle distribution and sales life cycle. This solution helps business entity monitors its performances as it brings business partners together by exchanging real-time information. Furthermore, it manages and tracks vehicle sales life-cycle which improves operating procedures across diverse geographical areas.

This component helps the business entity to reduce costs by digitizing and streamlining business processes, eliminating errors caused by human negligence and reducing time required to stay connected with users across entities. This solution also improves management visibility as all communication and transactions are managed and stored in this unit.

GENPACX Customer Relationship Management Module

GENPACX Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows a business entity to rationalize and analyze customer information gathered. The crucial information will then be used to facilitate the development of concise materials in order to reach out to targeted customers. By doing so, an entity is able to connect and attend to customers promptly  and therefore handle customer complaints more efficiently.

The CRM has the facility to boost the sales revenue of a company by tracking the leads generated, enabling sales engineers to effectively follow up on sales opportunities and potential customers. It also improves customer satisfaction as CRM agents are armed with task list dashboards and reminder processes to ensure their duties are completed in a timely manner. Furthermore, with the self-service portal, customers are empowered to make appointments and update certain information by themselves.

GENPACX After Sales Management Module

The After Sales Management of GENPACX assists branches and dealers in after sales operations, namely spare part management, workshop operations and services. With full visibility on repair activities and proactive service maintenance reminders, this module allows better customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This module also improves efficiency as it gives a clear overview on the dealers’ inventory stock level, so distributors are able to remind dealers to stock up and arrange for inventory transfers between branches and dealers. The system also improves service maintenance revenue by monitoring and notifying vehicles due for service via SMS or email. Service booking can be arranged via call back or self-service portal, which stimulates recurring revenue for the client.