Hospitality is an experience-driven industry. From reservations to facilities and loyalty reward programmes, business travellers and holidaymakers experience every aspect a hotel, resort or cruise liner has to offer. With an abundance of hospitality options available, a consistent experience keeps your customers satisfied and coming back for more.

Customer connectivity provides you with relevant customer insight and a better understanding of their preferences. By empowering you with relevant customer knowledge, we can help you create new value and a consistent customer experience for your customers.

Customer-facing operations

In an experience-based industry, warm greetings and smooth, speedy services are important ingredients for impressing the avid business traveler or tourist. Cuscapi is dedicated to offering you value-creating ideas and innovative business models to help you develop and implement ways to reach new heights of performance.

  • Boost revenue and improve operational efficiency – We help you rationalize and automate to achieve operational excellence and higher performance, setting you up for delivery of best-in-class services.
  • Enhanced customer connectivity – We help you provide your customers with value-added services, from loyalty programmers to customer trends, enabling market differentiation without back-office complexity through a blend of industry insight, technology solutions and new business processes.
  • Better customer-facing service – We intensify your customers’ experience by equipping your staff to better serve your customers through utilization of an integrated, seamless and secure infrastructure.

Hotel and resort facilities management

Designed to fit the needs of small motels right up to 6-star resorts, our business transformation consulting and technology solutions will help you provide smooth services for your customers, creating memorable experiences of their stay at your premises.

  • Seamless and efficient management – We help you strategise and consolidate to achieve operational excellence and differentiation when managing your properties, facilities, sports amenities and F&B outlets, as well as club memberships, room broadband access, housekeeping and a variety of other services.
  • Maximized customer connectivity – We help you provide your customers with consistent and personalized services via a blend of industry insight, technology solutions and new business processes, enabling real-time information exchange across various channels.

Business operations

Hospitality management is a complicated operation when considering the various needs of the business, especially when managing across multiple outlets and vast geographical locations. Our experience and capabilities offer unique opportunities to achieve exceptional performance, growth and success in the face of this complex industry.

  • Continuous business growth – We provide advise and counsel on setting an overall strategic direction and identifying growth opportunities for continuous revenue generation.
  • Increased organizational productivity– We help you drive sustainable growth, reduce costs and edge out your competition through implementation of an optimized management model, incorporating advanced diagnostics, capability analysis and industry best practice benchmarking. This results in higher overall customer satisfaction ratio, improved supply chain processes and increased business performance.
  • Better management and cost control – We unify your overall business functions for better analysis and control, from effective pricing and supplier management to accounting and staff management via a centralized databank of information for ease of decision-making and more effective cost control.