POS Hardware

Our POS Hardware Innovations


The POS hardware is integrated with restaurant technology solutions which include kitchen display and reliable restaurant hardware as a complete solution to effectively assist business owners to streamline activities and thus enhance productivity.

The kitchen display exhibits the preparation process of an order at specific stations thus allowing servers to know the status of the orders with a glance. This ultimately leads to better food quality and customer satisfaction.

Enhance quality, reduce ticket times and ease training

  •  Display individual menu items as specific preparation stations in the kitchen based on cook times so that all items on the order complete at the same time to maximize food quality
  •  Indicate changes made to each item at the expeditor station so servers and managers know the status of the orders with a glance
  • Eliminate the need to manually time and call out orders from central kitchen location to streamline operations
  • Use cook time data and real-time kitchen status to provide accurate quote times for carryout orders

Increase Speed, Improve Labor, Ensure Accuracy

  • Lower cost and meet productivity goals through food waste reduction, expedited training, and increased labor efficiency
  • Enhance guest satisfaction by increasing order accuracy, answering special request and improving speed and service
  •  Expand efficiency by altering the configuration in real-time to operate the kitchen differently as restaurant conditions change throughout the day or week
  •  Protect revenue with mission critical reliability and redundancy, taking advantage of added features to handle situations automatically should a failure occur
  •  Empower guest and support the brand with fully integrated graphical order status display