The retail business is a dynamic industry, featuring an eclectic combination of products ranging from everyday groceries to high-end couture fashion. Considering the significant competition and plethora of goods available, the consistency of the customer shopping experience becomes an important factor in creating customer satisfaction and loyalty. Beyond the quality of merchandise, customers expect efficient services, stock availability and access to the latest models, releases and trends.

The complexity of managing a retail business while maintaining connectivity is further multiplied in a franchise environment. By empowering you with relevant customer insight and knowledge, we can help you create new value and a consistent experience for your customers.

Outlet operations and management

In an eclectic retail environment, the availability of products and efficient customer service are essential ingredients for creating a positive customer experience. Cuscapi is dedicated to helping you achieve high growth and performance by deploying value-creating ideas and industry best practices to help you effectively manage any retail outlet, from a small single setup to multi-outlet businesses.

  • Boost profitability and improve operational efficiency– We help you consolidate, rationalise and automate to achieve operational excellence and higher performance, through efficient administration of outlets by reducing shortages, managing excess and beyond.
  • Better customer-facing service – We intensify your customers’ experience by equipping your staff to better serve your customers, thus delivering best-in-class services, through the utilisation of an integrated, seamless and secure infrastructure.
  • Enhanced customer connectivity – We help you provide your customers with value-added services such as loyalty programmes and customer trends. This enables market differentiation without back-office complexity through a blend of industry insight, technology solutions and new business processes.
  • Increased distribution effectiveness – We enhance your logistics distribution channel to focus on delivery excellence, minimising key variables, such as delivery time, cost and manpower usage.

Business operations

Managing multiple retail outlets across a geographical spectrum can become a complicated process, particularly when considering the importance of maintaining a standardised customer experience while catering to the various needs and differences of each individual outlet. Our advisory and strategic management model delivers innovation to drive change and enable high performance.

  • Continuous business growth – We provide advise and counsel on setting an overall strategic direction and identifying growth opportunities for continuous revenue generation.
  • Increased organisational productivity– We help you drive sustainable growth, reduce costs and edge out your competition through implementation of an optimised management model, focusing on critical business processes, resulting in higher overall customer satisfaction ratio, improved supply chain processes and increased business performance.
  • Better management and cost control – We unify your overall business functions for better analysis and control, from effective pricing and supplier management to accounting and staff management via a centralized management of data, resulting in ease of decision-making, efficient procurement process and more effective cost control.