Transight Cloud



Transight Cloud is a new generation of cloud based solution. It is H5 based solution in the client side which can support the devices cross OS.

Transight Cloud consists of 3 parts: Cloud Store , Cloud HQ and Cloud Inventory.

  • Cloud store covers all functions of a store needs for daily operation. The order and transaction records can be transferred to cloud real time by web service.
  • Cloud HQ management manages all configurations and reports. Such as store management, employee management, menus ,combo, condiment ,discount , payment information and etc.
  • Cloud Inventory is an instant and real-time inventory management, with data collected from HQ.

Product Value

  • Cost Saving
    – Instant upgrade
    – Unified management
    – Lower hardware cost
  • Operational Capabilities Enhancement
    – Store & HQ Operation Efficiency
    – Convenient Extension & Integration
    – Remote Manage & Control
  • Business Capabilities Enhancement
    – Better Experience
    – O2O
    – Improve Revenue & Margin
    – Maximize Inventory Dollar
  • Technical Architecture Improvisation
    – Tablet POS
    – Multiple Language
    – Cloud Architecture
    – Cross Platform