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Achieving Customer Fulfilment

Transight® is a comprehensive suite of F&B business management solutions designed for the small F&B operators to large-scale multinational enterprises spanning multiple properties across a geographically diverse spectrum. It consists of 5 key modules and each component can be installed on a stand-alone basis or integrated as a comprehensive system.

Transight Point-of-Sale

A front-end point-of-sale software solution designed to capture orders with accuracy and speed. The state-of-the-art biometric sensor technology tightens security as it allows monitoring of all transactions live on terminals. It can be customized with an in-store customer call center home delivery system.

Transight Manager

An automated restaurant management solution specifically designed for the back-office to manage costs, supply chain, inventory and even customer relationship management. This component is suitable for any type of F & B operation and is GST-ready. This module helps a business owner keep track of the stock orders from suppliers, manage expenditure and cash movements in a store.

Transight Headquarter (HQ)

The HQ element is designed to ensure easy management of franchise restaurants in the fast food as well hospitality industries. Essentially, the software allows the chain’s corporate office to enforce menu, pricing consistency and per-programme promotion updates and ultimately generate standardized updated reports by consolidating information from all outlets to aid in decision making.

Transight Centralised Call Centre

This component is designed for quick service restaurants’ home delivery operations. From small operators to multinational chains, this solution allows easy handling of customer orders as orders placed are automatically directed to the nearby store for delivery based on the automated display of customer information. This solution allows clients to manage high volume orders during peak hours efficiently. It also has the ability to block order-taking from identified hoax customers and therefore minimize wastage.

Transight Enterprise Customer Loyalty Management

A module that is designed to manage customer loyalty or bonus point programme involving multiple stores and merchants. This system aids a business owner to obtain daily transaction data from multiple stores and in turn allows a preview of “ideal customers” that drives the top line growth of each store.